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Chioggia (pronounced k-ee-OH-g-j-ee-aa) beetroots are distinctive because of their candy-stripe patterns when cut through … concentric rings of white and pink.

This variety is both earthy and aromatic – and is a fun addition to salads, grated or sliced, or cooked like ‘normal’ beetroot (but without as much stain potential).

Beet seeds germinate in 7 to 14 days. Soak them in warm water for a few hours, or overnight, before sowing in shallow drills with space for the roots to swell. (Otherwise you’ll need to thin out the seedlings, and that’s a waste).

The crop will provide baby leaf tops at 35 days, and will mature at 55 days. Sowing a few plants every few weeks will give you a steady crop.

Harvest at baby size to eat raw or pickled. Let roots mature further for roasting and baking. Use stems and leaves in salads or steamed/wilted.

Did you know? Chioggia beets are from Italy. It is believed that beetroot originated along the coast of Med. They were initially grown for their leaves by the Greeks and the Romans who thought their foliage looked like squid tentacles.

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This selection of beet varieties is from RAW Seeds and includes Chioggia, Golden Detroit and Detroit Dark Red:

Gone are the days of refusing to eat your beets: these glorious white, red, golden and Chioggia varieties are sweet and flavoursome. This isn’t something we’d say about any other life form, but they’re best eaten when they’re babies.

For sexy salads, these beets can’t be beat. Use them hot or cold and even the kids can be conned into eating them. Steam the tender stems and leaves as an alternative to spinach and get major brownie points for using every bit of the plant.

The Chioggia (pronounced k-ee-OH-g-j-ee-aa) beet’s psychedelic rings of hot pink and white are a groovy addition to any salad, and its broad green leaves are totally edible too. This Italian heirloom variety can be prepared like any other beet, but keeps its colour better than others when cooked – especially if you add a splash of lemon juice to the water. Besides being one of the handsomest veggies in the universe, the Chioggia is delectably sweet.

Also in the packet are Detroit Dark Red and Golden Detroit. Both are vibrantly coloured and the Golden Detroit’s delicious, golden-veined leaves are almost the star of the show. Almost.

Grate these babies raw into salads or pickle ’em for the winter. Detroit Dark red is super sweet and best harvested young. Golden Detroit has a slightly honeyed taste and keeps its colour when cooked.

Sow year-round

Sow in full sun, space plants 10 x 30cm

Seeds will germinate in 7-14 days and grow to 50-60cm

Harvest in 50-60 days


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