Talborne Organics Vita Bone Phos 4:10:0 (14) 2 kg

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Talborne Vita Bone Phos promotes strong root development in calcium and phosphate deficient soils. No burn, natural phosphate, with sustained release. Apply when initiating new plantings (work into the soil), add to planting hole of shrubs and trees. 


Talborne Vita Bone Phos

Available in 2kg, 5kg, 10kg and 25kg bags.


  • Planting trees, shrubs and new lawns
  • Planting of root vegetables

Advantages :

  • Promotes strong root development in calcium and phosphate deficient soils
  • No burn, natural phosphate
  • Sustained release

Best time to apply :

  • New plantings, work into soil
  • Shrubs and trees, add to planting hole
  • When planting new lawns

Talborne Vita Organic Fertilizers (Reg Group 1 Fertilizers NDA SA)  are incomparable for their beneficial qualities which are scientifically formulated and blended into an “All-in-One” organic fertilizer for crop performance, quality and health.Scientifically-formulated complete fertilizers which deliver high feeds of N, P, K (Group 1), plus minor and micro nutrients for productivity and quality. Low humus content.  Organic nutrients are slowly released.  Organic materials originate from animal and plant sources and natural mineral deposits.



  • High N:P:K organic fertilizer content – Balanced blends, select for best purpose.
  • Contains ALL minor and micro-nutrients proven essential for plants – Added value.
  • Microbial activators of soils – Favourite food source promotes a healthy soil life.
  • Carbon content minimum of 25% plus –  Conditions soil & plants and reduces CO2 gases.
  • Minimal loss of nutrients through leeching or volatilization – You keep what you paid for.
  • Sustained release over 4+ months – With prolonged benefits as soil nutrient cycles and soil life builds up.
  • Reduced applications – Cut fertilizer applications by  a third to a quarter means cost-savings on fuel and labour, and also reduces soil compaction.


  • No negatives – No pH change, no build up of salts, no chlorine to damage soil.
  • No carrier salts or non-nutritive filler – Concentrated organic nutrients mean no burn on plants, low application rates and water wise as there are no salts to dissolve.
  • Nutrients from natural sources – Optimized uptake by plants.
  • Non-polluting of soil, water or air – Sustainable organic production.
  • Based on principle of nutrient recycling – Waste to repurpose a new lifecycle.


  • Complies with Qpproved Inputs for Control Union EU & USDA NOP Organic Certified Standards
  • GlobalGAP compliant
  • Well below allowed MRL of heavy metal pollutants such as cadmium, copper, arsenic, mercury and lead
  • Registered Fertilizer with NDA SA


✓ Smaller granule for ease of calibration and flow with mechanical spreaders
✓ Improved consistency in pellet size
✓ Reduced dust in application
✓ More efficient distribution and coverage of area
✓ Better assimilation and breakdown in soil
✓ Will not affect the sustained release period of nutrients

Vita Grow 2:3:2 (16) (Reg: K5127)    

Vita Fruit & Flower 3:1:5 (18) (Reg: K5125)    

Vita Green 5:1:5 (16) (Reg: K5126)

Vita Veg   6:3:4 (16) (Reg: K6936)    

Vita Nitro Boost      8:1:1 (10) (Reg: K8617)      

Vita Bone Phosphate 4:10:0 (14) (Reg: K3513)

Documentation and certification can be found on the Talborne Organics website here.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 5.8 × 5.8 × 11.5 cm